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Tile is so versatile that you can practically use it anywhere, in any room or area of your house. We even know of one homeowner who tiled her bathroom ceiling! (No, we don’t recommend this!) Any high-traffic area is a good place to use tile, as it is will show little wear over time.


Protect your carpets and hardwood floors from wear and tear and dirt when people and pets enter your house. Tile is extremely durable and easy to clean!

Wooden Floor
tile flooring in laundry room

Laundry rooms

A splash of water or detergent will not damage a tile floor. That’s why laundry rooms are a great place to install tile. Spice up the look with one of the trendy new patterns, and the room will be stylish as well as functional.


If your basement tends to get damp or wet after heavy rains, tile floors are the flooring answer you’ve been looking for! They mop up dry quickly, are easy to clean, and don’t foster mold like other floor coverings.

Floor Adhesive for Tiling
Interior of Restaurant


Restaurant, bar and retail store owners will always choose tile as their preferred flooring material. That’s because it holds up well to daily cleanings, and will last far longer than any other type of floor. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathrooms, or on the main floor of the restaurant or store, CD Tile Installations can create a beautiful interior look, on-time and on-budget!

How we work:

First you will meet with Chuck to discuss wants, needs, and must-haves for fireplace or countertop. Working with CD Tile Installations you will be given expert advice and suggestions to get the best results. Next comes the fun part: picking out your favorite style! Our suppliers have the largest selection of products in the area to fit the function of your job, as well as your lifestyle and budget. When our team arrives with your choice of material, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality craftsmanship and installation.

To learn more about fireplace surrounds and granite countertops call Chuck at 610.874.1460 and set up a free consultation.

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